Hello rainbow children, as I may have mentioned I study SNL like’s it’s the stock market, so I am very attuned to the comedic progression of the various cast members. One such cast member has been getting funnier and funnier over the past couple of years and it is her hilarity we are here to celebrate today.

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Look at that knowing smile.

Aidy Bryant had like the most normal childhood ever, which makes it even more amazing that she’s such a comic genius. After graduating from Columbia College, she toured with the musical improv group Baby Wants Candy. She has performed with iO Chicago, The Second City and the Annoyance Theatre.

Bryant made her debut as a featured player on Saturday Night Live on September 15, 2012. She was promoted to a repertory player during her second season, AND I LOVE SHOUTING HER NAME AFTER THEY SAY “FEATURING” DURING THE IMPOSSIBLY LONG SNL INTRO! True story.

In 2014, Bryant, Eli Bruggemann, Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider, and Kate McKinnon were nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for the “Home for the Holiday (Twin Bed)” but I personally think “Back Home Ballers” was better.

My favorite things about Aidy Bryant:

1. Tonkerbell

2. Her insults.

3. Back Home Ballers.