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                                       – Split this Rock (6:30pm)

In the busy lives we lead, it is easy to forget about some of the things that make us actually smile or laugh out loud. At the Atlas Performing Arts Center, I have found just the key. The Intersections Festival is an amalgamation of dance, theater, music, creativity and audience participation that pulls together artists from around the world to around the corner. The festival performances questions the bounds of many of issues in society, from racial issue to gender to norms about passion and compassion. Moreover, there are several sessions either before or after performances in which the audience can talk and participate in workshops led by the artists.

                     – Art on the Horizon: Sunny and Licorice (10am, 11:30am)


The Venue: Our own stomping ground, 1333 H St., NE Washington DC.  Click here, to check out their events and dates!

– UrbanArias (9:30pm)

– Capital City Symphony (8pm)

The Festival started last Saturday, but goes until March 7th! Please take the time to visit this wonderful venue and experience art. I myself will be there tomorrow for the dog & pony performance which includes the audience in their exploration of invention making centered round the theme of “Toast”.

                                         – Dog & Pony, Saturday

The definition ART is expanded in the Intersections Festival. No longer is it just a skill performed by one person for display or pleasure. It is also a shared event, a collaborative activity that is more than just the end product, but what each person walks away with at the end of the night.

  • Deviated Theatre (7pm)                                     – Andrea Wood (7:30pm)


Attention performance go-ers:

Photos: the Intersections Festival website. The smaller images are for performances today! Please note, there are multiple performances for each event, so look at the link above to find a time that work for you!