Content note for discussion of intimate partner violence, and for a semi-detailed account in the linked petition.

Greetings disruptors!

Today’s Promote a Petition is on a subject that is close to my heart: intimate partner violence.  There are a set of laws in place that have at least the potential to protect children from environments of abuse, though sadly these are often terribly or not at all enforced.  Yet for adult survivors of relationship violence, especially in South Carolina apparently, there is little if any legal protection even in principle.  As Melissa Walker, the petition’s author, painfully notes (please recall the content note for this article before clicking “Continue reading” — we are about to jump right to the heavy stuff):

“Currently, the laws are failing victims and they make little sense. [In South Carolina,] first time offenses hold a 30 day sentence. But if you beat a dog, you could get up to 5 years.”

I think we all agree that beating a dog is horrific and deserves every one of those 5 years if not more — and that beating a human romantic partner is also horrific, and deserves at least comparable sentencing.  With over 62,000 signatures as of this posting, there is a good chance that we can get the lawmakers of South Carolina to agree.

Please take a moment to sign this petition – in 2 seconds and a couple clicks, you can take action to promote a safer environment for survivors of relationship violence of all genders.  You’d be surprised by the difference a few seconds can make.

"I've become a warrior myself in the fight against domestic violence."