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Hello all disruptors!  Are you navigating issues of personal identity, racism, mental or sexual health, kink/poly relationships, and/or societal power dynamics, and feel like you have no one to talk to?  Could you use some advice on these or another challenge informed by intersectional feminism, but don’t know where to turn?

Fear not!

Disrupting Dinner Parties is starting an advice column: DDHalP!  Coming soon to a blog near you, a.k.a. starting now, you can email your questions or dilemmas to DDHALP@gmail.com and receive a compassionate, Super Feminist Reply.  There will soon also be a form on our site through which you can submit letters anonymously.

All questions or struggles related to intersectional feminism are welcome.  All submissions will be responded to by the DDP editor(s) with experiences most relevant to your concern.  Please note that we cannot offer any professional advice: just the kind you would get from an opinionated feminist friend.

Please note that advice submissions will be published along with their replies, in order to give context for our responses.  However, the identity of all submissions will remain ANONYMOUS.  If you provide any identifying information in your letter, such as your name or a friend’s name, contact info, or physical location, we will remove it.  We reserve the right to replace the names of all physical locations with Lord of the Rings landmarks as we see fit.