Logan Howlett

Raised in the middle of The Great Swamp in the noble state of New Jersey, Logan spent her formative years reading everything she could get her hands on, sneaking over to other kids’ houses to watch TV, and memorizing the words to every Dido song. While at Smith College, she worked as a Digital Music Monitor, shaggy dog walker, and as a community educator on transgender rights. Now she pays bills professionally and makes coffee on her own schedule.

Logan lives in a sunny house at the top of a hill with four delightful hippies and two grouchy buns. When not blogging, she draws compulsively, cooks compulsively, tries to make friends with Samantha Irby over Twitter, and doesn’t take the same route to the grocery store twice, if she can help it.

You may not know this but Logan is a pastry in real life.

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