Luz Delfondo

Luz Delfondo is a skeptical, curious scientist with a soft heart and a passion for justice. She is fabulously queer, philosophically secular humanist, ethnically Latina, racially white, genderly cis, eclectically geeky, sexually kinky, intellectually inclined, and a big sister to a vibrant young man with disabilities. Of all these identities, big sister is probably the most important. Luz likes to turn the lens of feminist analysis to break down ideas that are poorly argued and do us harm, and build up new ideas based on deep thought that uplift us all. She also likes to write book reviews and think about representation of our communities and ways of life in media.

When Luz is at work, she makes exciting scientific discoveries. When she’s with her friends, she likes to go on adventures in the urban jungle or the real jungle, and talk about sex in ways that make people blush. When she’s hanging out on her own, she mostly reads or watches science fiction and reads or writes fanfiction about it.

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