Become a Guest Contributor

Do you have something to add to our conversation? We’d love to give you a venue to say it! If you’re interested in being a guest contributor, email your essay, vlog, artwork, or other material to disruptingdinnerparties *at* or use our contact form. We’ll need a minimum of three business days before responding to you; please be patient with us; we’ve all got busy lives and try to find whatever time we can to work on DDP. We hope to hear from you!

You’re welcome to send us a post idea before writing if you want feedback and encouragement to get yous tarted. But if you’re ready to start writing, here are the guidelines we usually send out to people:

  • We’re so excited you want to write a guest post for the blog!
  • All guest posters retain full ownership of their posts. If you choose to repost somewhere else, we generally request that you include a “This piece was originally posted on Disrupting Dinner Parties [LINK]” disclaimer so nobody looks like they’re plagiarizing.
  • We usually write posts varying in length from 800-2500 words. It’s ok to go over if you have a good reason for length.
  • Make sure that your post has a cohesive message or point, and that this message is explained somewhere in the first two paragraphs, before the “read more” link
  • Please choose at least one image (this makes links to your post on facebook etc look prettier)
  • Send us your almost-final draft and we’ll send it out to the editors for feedback. Their feedback will come in two categories. Category 1 is “this is extremely important to me and I’m not comfortable posting the piece without this change” (this type of feedback is not super common). Category 2 is for grammar and optional suggestions, like “it might be good to include this link” or “have you considered including this argument/perspective?” We’ll send you the editor feedback.
  • Editors will have 48 hours to give feedback. Once you’ve had time to make any revisions, it can go into the posting cue.
  • We generally time guest posts in one of three ways. Tell us your preference:
      • Post immediately (for time-sensitive posts)
      • Schedule the post ahead of time either in our general cue (posted in 1-3 weeks) or to coincide with a specific day such as Pride, Christmas, that protest you want everyone to go to, etc.
      • Posted as a buffer post for when one of our editors is short on time/life capacity to write something that week.